Web usability expert with 15 years experience designing, building, and managing corporate e-commerce environments. I’ve done it all, including:

User experience
Copywriting & merchandising
Graphic design & coding
Content management systems
Marketing & SEO
Research & reporting

My previous job put me in the intersection of marketing teams, content management teams, IT departments and more. Having done the work of all of those teams, I was able to speak their particular language, which put me in a good position to ‘translate’ between them. My job is to listen to what your vision is, research your competitive landscape, advise on best practices and provide you a Web site you can brag about.

I’ve always believed the most important part of any successful project is clear communication. In my past work, I’ve had to coordinate between different departments across the globe. Many of my clients are outside of Canada and working remotely has prepared me well for creating visual representations (ie mockups) of what we are discussing, as well as writing manuals to train others to manage a Web site.

A few of my favourite things…

Nothing beats waking up with a wet nose on your cheek.

I believe I'm part fish. I could swim forever.

Salted caramel mocha. 'nuff said.

I love what I do. It feeds my need to figure things out as only working with code can; it gives me the opportunity to meet and work with interesting people; And, it lets me indulge my creative side.

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