Energy Masters

The goal of this project was to merge together two sites – one HTML and one WordPress blog – into a site that was easy-to-maintain for Jim, the owner at Energy Masters. As Jim was used to WordPress for his blog, I decided that would be the best solution forward for the merged site. To me, there’s little point in changing the tools if they work well and the user has familiarity with them.

And, of course, although the merge was the main goal, there was always the extras like modern design, SEO improvements, Google Analytics integration and a responsive layout that would adapt to any sized screen.

Energy Masters before


The creative process

We wanted to maintain the small business feel - as Jim would say 'folksy' - without becoming cliché. Knowing the care and attention that went into the original text, I left a lot of the wording as it was with small changes to improve redability, SEO, and the visual impact on the page. I took the hand-written reviews from past customers and placed them in a carousel, targeted to the content of each page. I did something similar with the blog posts so each page has only relevant content.

Energy Masters after


Since the goal of the site is to generate leads, I made sure the contact form was in a consistent location on all pages, including the blog. If people share blog posts, they can easily get in touch with the company for services.

Although I had experience working in Wordpress, this was my first time building a CMS and the capabilities from the ground up. I worked off a pre-formatted template, modifying it considerably for my client. I'm not sure I saved any time doing it this way but it stretched my development skills and put me in a better position to help future clients. As part of the project, I created a manual with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to maintain the site and am always available to help answer questions or provide more training now that it's in Jim's hands.

And if you're looking for a new roof, gutters, siding, insulation or windows in the Milwaukee area, go talk to Jim at He knows his stuff.